Higher-Order Functions in Javascript

In this article, we will explain what the Higher-Order Functions in Javascript are all about. We will also start to explore composition.

May 20, 2020

What are Javascript's IIFE?

In this article, we will understand what is an IIFE in Javascript and why you would want to use them.

May 17, 2020

Create a calendar plugin with vanilla Javascript

In this article, we will build a very simple plugin with vanilla Javascript. This plugin will render a Calendar.

May 14, 2020

An introduction to Stoicism: Part One

Let’s talk about a philosophy that changed a lot of things in my life: Stoicism.

May 12, 2020

The Dreyfus model of skill acquisition

The Dreyfus model of skill acquisition is used to access the level of development of competencies and skills of people who are learning something new.

May 8, 2020

Iframes and communicating between two applications

Introduction Iframes are awesome! They allow you to embed another HTML page inside the current one. The embedded page carries its own browsing context with it. So, if a HTML page creates an iframe with a remote application as its source, you’ll have the first application hosting that remote application with all its functionalities. It’s a technique that’s used by a lot of companies to allow developers to use their service easily ( Stripe and Yousign come to mind)...

April 26, 2020

Using foreign keys with Loopback 4 and PostgresQL

Configuring properly a Loopback 4 project that uses PostgresQL and setting up correctly the foreign keys appeared to be quite difficult for me. In this article, let’s explore how you could do it!

April 19, 2020

Testing a Redux data store with Cypress

Redux is a popular way to implement a data store with your application. In this article, we’ll have a React-Redux app that we will test with Cypress

February 15, 2020

Thoughts about managing clients as a freelancer

Getting clients is a big part of being a successful freelancer. Each path is unique, but here is my own that might help you.

February 5, 2020

Testing React with Cypress.io

Testing the front-end has always been a difficult thing. Cypress aims to make it a lot easier. Let’s see how we can test the UI of a React application

February 1, 2020